China expert Dino Eicher is looking for new technologies in the People’s Republic

As a start-up that deals with technology and methodolgy of tomorrow we must act fast, even if the dynamics of the paradigm change we’re already in can’t be managed by the existing political and structures we move around. By visiting China technology is on the market for years that has established whereby most European manufacturers still work on oil based vehicles. Unfortunately, China has took over in their thinking because they were effected by real problems caused through oil consumption way earlier. To avoid this negativ evolution and development step that results in economical and ecological crises we take the advantige of knowing where this could end and combine it with already existing and prooven technology that we found in electric vehicles, sharing concepts, H2-technology. To be able to work apart from the existing and exhausting structures we need a base called Green Energy Center from where we can develop innovative ideas and work on with the real projects we’ve already implemented.
We work only on projects that guarantee sustainability for the whole European economy and their ecosystem. Sustainability means for us more than just pushing the economy for a few years or decades.
The particular project with small, clever, and electrical vehicles called WEEZL that are run in an urban carsharing system, works already perfect in a pilot. The hard work is to spread and expand the idea and the concept to the customers minds, until they have realized their real benefits in taking a vehicle when they need it that owning one. We combine 3 major ideas, that work worldwide: vehicle reduction to its used minimum, shared economy and green technology (BEV, FCEV). The result is a huge benefit for the customer, the region (city, commune…) and the ecology.
Being located in the Green Energy Center is the best place to go along with our idea, where the WEEZL run out like from a nest to serve people’s needs for mobility and come back again to recharge. We are already planning to run the WEEZL with fuel cells to provide more flexibility. Beside the WEEZL, we also enlarged our fleet with electric cars and ebikes and will get eScooters soon to cover all needs for individual mobility. Furthermore we corporate with public transport and regional eCarsharings to combine our potential to build the bridge into a green future.